2022 Week 26 : Release notes


Here is what's new in the 2022-26 release of Relay42.


UI improvements

Ui improvements were made in the dashboard and audiences page regarding, font sizes, misalignments, error messages and other minor UI details. 


Bug: Unable to create a new journey

There was an issue where the user who has access to the Journey Orchestration module could not create new journeys as the button was hidden. This bug is now resolved and a user with access to the Journey Orchestration module can create new journeys.


Historic Processing for Journey Orchestration: Backend

We have been working for several sprints on the backend to implement the Historic Processing feature for the Journey Orchestration engine. The backend of this feature is complete and the frontend will be progress. This feature will be released as the first version of many and it will work differently from Audiences. The first version will signal to the user when Historic Processing should take place, this signal is based on changes made to the first step or when a new journey has been published. The first version will also allow processing to go for 30 days instead of the 90 in Audiences. This is because we want to first test how the engine will work and process data before increasing this time period. A full feature description will be released when the UI has been delivered.