Login failed? Account locked?

Within Relay42 there are different ways your account can be locked. Relay42 is constantly improving, and security is something we feel very strongly about. Therefore we have implemented the following mechanisms to locking accounts:

- Inactivity

- Incorrect login attempts



All accounts are automatically locked after 90 days of inactivity. You will be informed ahead of time by mail, when you have 30 days left to login, to prevent your account being locked. Additionally, you'll receive an e-mail when your account is being locked.


How to solve: 

Your Relay42 Admin can help you unlock your account in the Admin panel.

Alternatively, you can send an email to support@relay42.com using the email address the account is registered to, requesting to unlock your account.

Why is this measure in place?

Dormant accounts are a potential security risk for your organization, and we want to validate if you are still an active user. 


Will I be notified that my account is going to be locked?

30 days before your account would be locked you will receive an email reminding you to log in.


Incorrect login attempts

Your account will be locked after five failed login attempts. 

How to solve: 

Your account will be automatically unlocked after 10 minutes.

Why is this measure in place?

Multiple failed login attempts are an indicator that someone would be trying to access your account.