2023 Week 45: Release Notes

We are pleased to bring you a new release, please find the details below:


Knowledge Base and Support icons: 

We have separated our knowledge base from our support needs within the platform. 

Knowledge now includes: 

  • Academy
  • Knowledge Base


Support includes: 

  • Script implementation
  • Data API
  • Support/ feedback

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 16.48.46.png



"Within" Match expression introduced in Orchestration: 


"Within" is a new matching expression created in the Orchestration engine to give you an easy way to configure the properties of the rules you use: 


  • An exact date range and/or timeframe
  • A time range in the past or in the future or an specific date
  • A range of numbers, including positive and negative


Here you can find examples and see how you can apply this new rule in your use cases.